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Utility Encroachment Permitting

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Columbia County Utility Permitting Department provides review, approval, and/or permitting for all private utility construction/relocation activities within the County right-of-way.

Any encroachment of the Columbia County Right-of-Way must be approved by the Utility Permitting Department.  All private utility construction/relocation activities within the right-of-way are permitted and inspected. The issuance of permits allows the Department to manage utility installations in an efficient and orderly manner and to protect assets in the public’s interest. The permitting process enables the County to plan for and coordinate utility installations with other activities within the right of way.

Xổ số Miền Bắc hôm nay Minh NgọcThe process involves several forms that enable communication between applicants and the Utility Permitting Department.  These forms are available through Columbia County’s Customer Self-Service (CSS).  Once you are registered with CSS, you will be able to submit the following forms:

  • Application and Permit for Utility Encroachment
  • Crew Location Notification Form
  • Damage Report
  • Final Inspection/Close Out Request

Register in Customer Self-Service
Registration is a simple process that signs you up for access to CSS.  Please click here  to see instructions on how to register! 


Submit Applications
To submit an application for Utility Encroachment or any associated activity, complete an by logging to Citizen Self Service and choosing the form that you need.